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Advanced FW monitoring Revive

Cyberlink are official MSP of REVIVESEC
A revolutionary solution that will safeguard your security devices every minute to ensure they remain stable, healthy, and efficient.

Revive has a comprehensive algorithm that includes hundreds of tests, revealing future and existing faults and alerts before something malfunctions. We are much more profound and in-depth than SNMP. We provide an innovative, efficient and productive approach to stabilizing your security devices


Revive has a compelling module that can identify particular issues and fix them on-the-fly without causing any downtime, cluster failover, or false positive. Revive will not remediate uncertain matters; instead, it will give a list of instructions and explanations of how to remediate, and what is the implication for such behavior.

Visualize Your Data
In addition to Revive’s accurate reports and alerts, a high-level summarized visualized is available per device, making the device’s statistics and status easy to understand at a glance.

Traffic analysis
Extracts valuable information from each gateway is essential. Specific values like Top Sources, destinations, and services as well as bandwidth. Revive will keep that information, so it will be straightforward to troubleshoot gateway latency, suspicious IPs, and much more.

Revive is using a smart approach to auditing commands admin users are executing. Informative commands will be ignored, while major commands like modifying/changing and deleting will be audited in a detailed report.

Retrieving information and reports from Revive is vital. Managers and security admins can build a customized summary of the last minutes/hours/days occurrences in a clear and straightforward format based on many different possibilities and filters.

Alerts and Visibility
Critical alerts will be sent through an SMTP and SMS, while others will be sent to Revive console and reports. A unique mechanism will validate the alert to make sure it is real and not false positive. Identical alerts and notifications are customizable.

Backup‭ ‬&‭ ‬Restore‬‬
It is crucial to have a valid backup. Revive will give you the option
to have a reliable copy in a secure repository. Our experts will validate the backup files and make sure that they are available to restore. We offer a variety of ways to restore effortlessly and intuitively

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      Our experts operate in hundreds of business organizations in Israel

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