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Security services to protect your organisation against the threats of today and tomorrow. Discover our range of specialist security services to reduce the burden and enhance your organisation’s cyber resilience.

Always On PT

The Value of Always-On Visualization into your
Networks’ Security Gaps.

Security posture at a glance without disruption
to business continuity

Cyberlink are official reseller of CYMPTOM

Most ClSOs and security managers make decisions without knowing the quantified cyber risk of gaps and vulnerabilities lying throughout their network infrastructure. Thanks to Cymptom’s breakthrough technology, they can now incorporate full visualization of gaps with quantified prioritization for simplified mitigation.

 With Cymptom, security professionals can benefit from comprehensive data collected from both on-premise
and cloud networks, mapping all security gaps and risks according to the MITRE ATT&CK® Framework. Without requiring agents or running malicious code, Cymptom is always-on, identifying and quantifying an organization’s full gap visibility and situational awareness.
Key Features

Always-on visualization and prioritization of cyber risks
Mapping your network risks into tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) according to the MITRE ATT&CK framework
Integrating quickly to systems such as SIEM and ticketing

Your cyber environment is too complex to manage without having immediate access to accurate verification of your organization’s security posture at any moment. Get the support you need with always-on, agentless visibility customized for your organization’s business objectives, geography and industry. Empower your security decisions with calculated analysis to support your organization’s goals.


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Our experts operate in hundreds of business organizations in Israel

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    Our experts operate in hundreds of business organizations in Israel

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