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Security services to protect your organisation against the threats of today and tomorrow. Discover our range of specialist security services to reduce the burden and enhance your organisation’s cyber resilience.

Penetration Tests

CyberLink Security specializes in providing high-end professional services in the traditional Cyber Security and Product Security domains. Our services are based on proven experience and practical methodologies and are tailored to fit our customers’ specific requirements.

Penetration Testing

It is a known fact that there is no better way to validate your security posture than running a simulation of a “Real World” hackers attack, trying to break your system or maliciously use your product. Our professional Red Teams will perform consistent simulation of hacking attempts in a controlled and methodological manner, focusing on a specific technology stack or a system interface, or performing an “all combined” attack scenario.

Secure Coding Training

Educating developers is a key component in building secure systems and products from inception. Our Security Training experts will guide your development teams, providing the required theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on tools, to both understand the threat landscape and attack vectors, and properly mitigate threats with proven defensive programming practices.

Security Code Reviews
A review at the Source Code level can provide the additional insights that often cannot be effectively detected when using traditional Dynamic Security Testing methods and tools (DAST). Our Secure Coding experts can provide you with both Automated, Manual as well as Hybrid Security Code Reviews to systematically detect your product security vulnerabilities on the source code level and advice you on a practical mitigation techniques.

Security Risk Analysis and Audits
Key part of risk management is being able to assess your risk and accordingly perform risk mitigation planning. Our Security Experts will use our proven methodologies to perform Security Risk Analysis that will be comply with your Security Policy and/or Regulatory requirements and will provide comprehensive analysis of your security posture for either organizational unit, network, system, interface, product or even new technology stacks.

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    Our experts operate in hundreds of business organizations in Israel

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      Our experts operate in hundreds of business organizations in Israel

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