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Security services to protect your organisation against the threats of today and tomorrow. Discover our range of specialist security services to reduce the burden and enhance your organisation’s cyber resilience.

Cyber Intelligence

As the pace of cybercrime continues to accelerate, gaining combative advantages over your adversaries is essential. Organizations can no longer focus only on blindly protecting the corporate network.

Cyber defense must extend beyond the perimeter to identify threats early, understand new hacker TTPs, and take action to discover, analyze, and mitigate threats before they cause damage to your company, employees, brand,and customers.

Turn External Intelligence Into Security Action
Defending your organization against cyberattacks requires timely intelligence and informed decision-making.
Cyberlink positions your unique digital footprint at the center of your intelligence so you know how every threat,
IOC, leaked database, and hacker interaction affects your business. Through our automated policies and broad
integration ecosystem, we help you identify threats and orchestrate the threat mitigation process.

External Threat Intelligence

The ETP Suite monitors thousands of sources across the clear, deep, and dark web to identify threats that directly target your unique digital footprint. Threat Command finds and mitigates external threats that directly target your organization, employees, and customers.
Make informed decisions and act quickly on critical threats posing the greatest risk to your business.

Comprehensive, Contextualized, and Actionable Intelligence
Mapping to your unique brand and digital assets, we identify and contextualize threats that directly impact your organization, employees, and customers.

Cut through the noise and focus on relevant issues.

One-Click Remediation
Reduce your risk, turn intelligence into action, and streamline operations. With in-house, integrated one-click remediation and robust integrations, you can effectively coordinate response.
Operationalize threat mitigation.

Alerts That Affect Your Business
The External Threat Protection Suite provides an easy way to build custom machine learning-driven algorithms tailored for your business. Threat analysts and security operations professionals can easily create rule sets to determine alert status based on unique security requirements.
Accelerate response to threats that matter most to the business.

Strategic Insights
Know which threat actors are targeting your business… and how they think and operate. We saves you and your security team time by operationalizing critical information.
Get the information you need, when and where you need it.

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Our experts operate in hundreds of business organizations in Israel

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    Our experts operate in hundreds of business organizations in Israel

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